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A proud member of the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS), we offer caravan servicing, repairs and installations across the area roughly 30 mins around Lincoln. Our mobile workshop comes to you.

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Caravan Servicing

A full service is a detailed examination of your caravan providing you with a written report and evidence of problems found, or just a clean bill of health. This is usually done annually.

Why Get an Annual Service?

  • Safety — to protect your family and loved ones, and comply with legal requirements for road safety.
  • Warranty — to avoid invalidating your caravan warranty.
  • Maintaining value — a history of regular services and maintenance will enhance the value and saleability of your caravan.
  • Identifying problems early — catching a problem early will prevent what could be a quick fix from turning into a costly repair.

What to Expect From Your Caravan Service

An annual caravan service is a thorough review of the vehicle, inside and out. It includes a complete inspection of your caravan's chassis, wheels, brakes and hitch to ensure it is safe for the road. A twin axle caravan has four wheels and four sets of brakes, taking up to 5 hours to service in full; a single axle caravan takes about 4 hours.

All services such as gas, electrical appliances and water are checked for serviceability and safety. Window and door seals are checked. We even lubricate your locks.

A damp check is completed in accordance with AWS guidelines to ensure any water ingress is identified and appropriate warranty/non-warranty repairs completed to required standards. The AWS provides a current matrix of caravans by manufacturer and identifies how each should be checked (with which tools, etc). A report is provided to show moisture content around your vehicle.

Once your caravan service is complete, you'll be given a full written report showing all items checked, readings taken and any issues identified or observations that we need to make you aware of. We'll flag up any specific issues requiring immediate attention.

If you'd like us to do any remedial work, we can supply an accurate quote for the parts and labour. No work takes place without your express permission.

Fully Qualified AWS Caravan Engineers

We're a member of The Approved Workshop Scheme — the only scheme supported by all the major UK manufacturers. Our competence as caravan engineers is re-assessed annually by the AWS, and we abide by the Approved Workshop Scheme's strict code of practice, which means you can expect excellent customer service when you hire us. You can be confident that we're qualified to required standards, our caravan repairs are guaranteed, and any active warranties are protected.

After Your Caravan Service

Wheel bolt torques should be re-checked after 30 miles and before EVERY TRIP. Ensuring that your wheel fixings are correctly torqued is vital for safety as well as preventing damage and premature wear.

Coverage and Cost

Mobile Camper Care services caravans across Lincolnshire, either at your home, pitch or storage unit. Based in Eagle, Lincolnshire, we cover the area approximately 30 mins around Lincoln. See our 'Do we cover your area?' page for details.

A single axle caravan service is £240 including VAT, and a twin axle £280 including VAT, plus any parts or extra labour required. Please see our price list for more details.

Bailey caravan being serviced in a storage yard ready for a new season of touring, easy for a mobile workshop
Bailey caravan being serviced in a storage yard ready for a new season of touring, easy for a mobile workshop
Caravan tow hitch inspection during an annual service
Caravan tow hitch inspection during an annual service
Caravan gas safety check on an Elddis Crusader twin axle caravan
Elddis Crusader twin axle caravan being serviced while in storage, no problem for a mobile workshop
Checking and re-torquing caravan wheel nuts
Checking and re-torquing caravan wheel nuts

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Are you within about 30-40 mins of Lincoln? Get in touch to book or for a no-obligation chat about servicing your caravan. Our mobile workshop comes direct to you.*

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