Alde Heating Fluid Changes, Lincolnshire

Keep your motorhome or caravan's central heating system and boiler in good working order with regular blue or pink Alde fluid changes or replacements.

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What is Alde Heating and Why Change the Fluid?

Alde supply central heating units for motorhomes and caravans; the Compact 3020 and previously the Compact 3010. A case surrounds an 8ltr water cylinder heated by the heating transfer fluid (HTF) chamber heated by the combustion chamber in the centre. The system is powered by LPG gas in the combustion chamber or 230v AC elements (1Kw & 2Kw) as required. The system can be used with or without water as the heat is transferred via the fluid (HTF).

To heat the vehicle the fluid (HTF) is piped around aluminium pipes and radiators in exactly the same way as a home central heating system, except that instead of using fresh water we use antifreeze. There are several reasons for this;

  • It protects the heating system from freezing so you don't need to drain and fill it (though you must still drain down the hot water system, so the boiler is not damaged by the "tap" water freezing).
  • It prevents corrosion of the boiler and pipework so that the system remains efficient.
  • It conducts the heat more efficiently.

Blue or Pink Fluid, and How Often to Change?

Most motorhomes and caravans are built and supplied with blue antifreeze installed. This degrades and requires flushing after 2 years. If it's not changed, it becomes less effective as an antifreeze and could put your system at risk of damage or costly replacement.

Alde recommend that the original blue fluid is replaced by a specific pink antifreeze that lasts for 5 years. Whilst the blue antifreeze is cheaper than the pink, the cost of changing blue fluid twice in 5 years far outweighs the extra cost of the pink fluid (changed once in the same period). You don't need Alde's own antifreeze, any fluid that meets the "G13" standard can be used.

Topping Up Your Alde Fluid

For topping up purposes, a system filled with blue antifreeze can be topped up with blue or pink fluid, but a system filled with pink should only be topped up with pink.

What if I Don't Change the Fluid in Time?

In the worst case scenario, when the inhibitors in the antifreeze become weak, the boiler can corrode to the point where it fails and will no longer work. This is a super expensive item to replace. Parts of the system may no longer work (for example 240v heating).

Trained and Certified by Alde

As Alde approved engineers we can change the heating fluid in your motorhome or caravan at your home or on site.

Coverage and Cost

Based in Eagle, Lincolnshire, we cover the area approximately 30 mins around Lincoln. See our 'Do we cover your area?' page for details.

An Alde heating fluid change service is £240 including VAT. Please see our price list for more details.

Flushing the heating system and replacing the Alde fluid
Flushing the heating system and replacing the Alde fluid
All set up for an Alde heating fluid flush on a twin axle caravan in Lincolnshire
All set up for an Alde heating fluid flush on a twin axle caravan in Lincolnshire
Alde pink antifreeze
Alde pink antifreeze

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